How Many Of These Big Little Lies Did You Remember From The Show?

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    In what state is Big Little Lies set?

    • New York
    • California
    • Florida
    • South Carolina
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    What is the name of Reese Witherspoon’s character in the show?

    • Madeline
    • Celeste
    • Jane
    • Bonnie
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    What is the name of Celeste’s husband?

    • Alexander
    • Perry
    • Ed
    • Nathan
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    Who is Gordon married to in the show?

    • Bonnie
    • Renata
    • Abigail
    • Jane
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    In season 2 Meryl Streep appears in the cast. Whose mother does she play?

    • Renata
    • Celeste
    • Perry
    • Ed
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    During what event does the murder in Season 1 take place?

    • Concert
    • Trivia Night
    • Dinner
    • A day at the beach
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    What is Bonnie’s job in the show?

    • Receptionist
    • Nurse
    • Yoga Instructor
    • Teacher
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    What is the name of the child who accuses Ziggy of choking her?

    • Chloe
    • Amabella
    • Abigail
    • Skye
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    What musical is the centre of controversy between the Mayor and Joseph and Madeline in Season one?

    • Into the Woods
    • Rent
    • Avenue Q
    • West Side Story
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    What charity is Abigail trying to raise money for in her “secret project”?

    • Save the Children
    • Amnesty International
    • World Wildlife Fund
    • Action Against Hunger
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    What is the name of the name detective in the series?

    • Detective Weigert
    • Detective Quinlan
    • Detective Nippal
    • Detective Bachman
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    What is believed to be the cause of Celeste’s car crash in Season two?

    • Alcohol
    • Ambien
    • Lack of Sleep
    • Driving on the wrong side of the road
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    What is Gordon arrested for in season two?

    • Theft
    • Stock Fraud
    • Murder
    • Domestic Abuse
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    Who does Jane connect with in season two?

    • Corey
    • Stu
    • Joseph
    • Warren
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    What is the name of the judge in Celeste and Mary Louise’s custody case?

    • Ira
    • Marylin
    • Elizabeth
    • Jackie
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