How Well Do You Remember Space Force Season 1?

Space Force Quiz
Space Force Quiz

Featuring an All-Star cast, Space Force has been out on Netflix for a few weeks now. Following Steve Carell’s character, Mark, we see a general begrudgingly teaming up to launch the newest agency of the US Military, Space Force!

But will all the comedy and satire of this incredible cast how closely were you paying attention to the show? Today we test your knowledge on the hit show and see if your score will take you to the dizzying height of space.

  • Question of

    In the opening episode of Space Launch, how many stars do we see Mark Naird promoted to?

    Space Force Quiz - Mark's Promotion
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Five
  • Question of

    Mark’s Wife, Maggie, is played by Lisa Kudrow. Which show is she most known for appearing on?

    Space Force Quiz - Mark's Wife
    • Will & Grace
    • Friends
    • How I Met Your Mother
    • Seinfeld
  • Question of

    Which “Glee” Actress appears as the Chief of Naval Operations?

    Space Force Quiz - Chief
    • Lea Michele
    • Dianna Agron
    • Heather Morris
    • Jane Lynch
  • Question of

    What is the name of Mark’s teenage daughter?

    Space Force Quiz - Mark's Daughter
    • Erica
    • Emily
    • Erin
    • Ella
  • Question of

    What state do we see Mark and his family relocate to for his new role as First Chief of Space Operations?

    Space Force Quiz - Relocation
    • Arizona
    • Colorado
    • Utah
    • Nevada
  • Question of

    By what year does the President hope for “Boots on the Moon”?

    Space Force Quiz - Boots On The Moon
    • 2023
    • 2024
    • 2025
    • 2026
  • Question of

    What is the name of the dog sent to space to repair Epsilon 6?

    Space Force Quiz - The Dog
    • Tucker
    • Turbo
    • Theodore
    • Trixie
  • Question of

    Edison Jaymes’ rocket fuel is called “Fit Fuel”. True or False?

    Space Force Quiz - Name of The Fuel
    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    On what date did Space Force get released via Netflix?

    Space Force Quiz - Release Date
    • May 27, 2020
    • May 28, 2020
    • May 29, 2020
    • May 30, 2020
  • Question of

    The series features the last television performance by which cast member, who passed away in May 2020?

    Space Force Quiz - Who Passed Away
    • Don Lake
    • Alex Sparrow
    • Noah Emmerich
    • Fred Willard
  • Question of

    Principal filming for the series took place in Los Angeles?

    Space Force Quiz - Filming Place
    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    In the final episode of Season 1, Mark’s daughter vandalises whose car?

    Space Force Quiz - Who's Car
    • Angela
    • Kelly
    • Maggie
    • Pella
  • Question of

    Which cast member studied Economics, before turning to acting?

    Space Force Quiz - Who Studied Economics
    • Jimmy O Yang
    • Lisa Kudrow
    • Diana Silvers
    • Ben Schwartz
  • Question of

    In Episode 6, which country launches a rocket into space, which is feared to have used stolen US technology?

    Space Force Quiz - Which Country
    • China
    • Russia
    • Canada
    • India
  • Question of

    Space Force is the what number branch of the US Military?

    Space Force Quiz - Which Branch
    • Fourth
    • Fifth
    • Sixth
    • Seventh
  • Question of

    Upon arriving in Wild Horse, what type of snack is Mark looking at in the gas station?

    Space Force Quiz - What Snack
    • Twinkie
    • Rocket Pie
    • Astronaut Food
    • Moon Rocks
  • Question of

    The Space Force teaser trailer has over 10 times more views on Youtube than Space Force’s most watched recruitment video. True or False?

    Space Force Quiz - Recruitment
    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    On what date did President first announce “Space Force”?

    Space Force Quiz - Announce Date
    • May 18, 2018
    • June 18, 2018
    • July 18, 2018
    • August 18, 2018
  • Question of

    In the first episode, which fast food chain is referenced in the proposed daily twitter update for Mark?

    Space Force Quiz - Fast Food
    • McDonald’s
    • Burger King
    • Wendy’s
    • Five Guys
  • Question of

    Who owns the trademark for “Space Force”?

    • US Government
    • Netflix
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