Take This Personality Quiz To Find Out Which Riverdale Character You Are Most Like

Today we head to the town of Riverdale to find out all about you, and see which Riverdale character you most associate with! Riverdale has graced our screens for the past few years, becoming one of Netflix’s top shows, and we’ve all grown to love the diverse cast of characters.

Whether you’d be hanging out at the diner, or cramming at school, there’s a character to match your favorite hobbies and interests. Just answer these fun questions we have in store for you today and we’ll match you to one of the main Riverdale characters. Will you be Betty, Archie, Jughead or Veronica? Have a go and see for yourself!

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    How would you best describe yourself?

    • A. Fashionable, talented and spoilt
    • B. Sporty, hands-on and kind
    • C. Smart, have a big-heart and caring
    • D. Intelligent, laid-back and sarcastic
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    What is your favorite activity to do in your free time?

    • A. Writing
    • B. Shopping
    • C. Sports
    • D. Eating
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    Which of these is most important for you to have?

    • A. A home
    • B. Love
    • C. Happiness
    • D. Money
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    What would be your ideal way to spend an evening?

    • A. Hanging out with my Mom
    • B. Working with my Dad
    • C. In a diner, writing a newspaper article
    • D. Spending time with my best friends
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    What are you always seen wearing?

    • A. A beanie
    • B. Football jacket
    • C. Something cute and girly
    • D. A designer dress or outfit
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    How would you best be described in High School?

    • A. Popular
    • B. Athletic
    • C. Nerd
    • D. Intelligent
  • Question of

    What is your favorite season?

    • A. Summer
    • B. Fall
    • C. Winter
    • D. Spring
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    Which of these traits most appeals to you?

    • A. Wealth
    • B. Heartthrob
    • C. Protection
    • D. Innocence
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    What career would you most like to have when you are older?

    • A. Musician
    • B. Writer
    • C. Journalist
    • D. Actor / Actress
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    What would be your late-night snack of choice?

    • A. Pizza
    • B. Donuts
    • C. Fruit and Yogurt
    • D. Toast
  • Question of

    How would your best friend describe you?

    • A. Loyal
    • B. Smart
    • C. Fabulous
    • D. Adventurous
  • Question of

    What is your favorite color?

    • A. Pink
    • B. Purple
    • C. Blue
    • D. Black
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    Which of these cities would you most like to live in?

    • A. New York
    • B. Sydney
    • C. London
    • D. Paris
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    Out of the characters in Riverdale, who would you choose as your best friend?

    • A. Archie
    • B. Betty
    • C. Veronica
    • D. Jughead
  • Question of

    What are your feelings on rules?

    • A. You should try and follow the rules
    • B. I make my own rules
    • C. Depends on the rule
    • D. Rules were made to be broken
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