Which Series Should You Watch Next On Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is constantly surprising subscribers with new and interesting content. Whilst heavily focused on Disney shows, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic help make this streaming service popular with the whole family.

With the highly-anticipated Hamilton coming to our screens soon, and movies such as Artemis Fowl being released straight to the service, we really are getting our monies worth! Disney is constantly recruiting big stars and fantastic animators to bring content straight to Disney Plus, delighting Disney fans worldwide. Today we invite you to take a short quiz to find out which series we recommend you tune into next. Answer these simple questions and we’ll give you a recommendation you are sure to love!

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    What is your favorite aspect of the Disney brand?

    • A. Theme Parks
    • B. Movies
    • C. Animation
    • D. Star Wars
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    Who is your favorite Disney character?

    • A. Mickey Mouse
    • B. Elsa
    • C. Goofy
    • D. The Beast
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    What is your all-time favorite Disney film?

    • A. The Lion King
    • B. Toy Story
    • C. Frozen
    • D. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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    What is your favorite color?

    • A. Blue
    • B. Grey
    • C. Red
    • D. Green
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    What subject would you be most interested in studying?

    • A. Engineering
    • B. Art
    • C. Theater
    • D. Space exploration
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    Where would be your ideal vacation destination?

    • A. Walt Disney World
    • B. New York
    • C. Los Angeles
    • D. National Park
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    How would your friends describe you?

    • A. Loyal
    • B. Curious
    • C. Artistic
    • D. Adventurous
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    Which of these aspects of Disney Plus do you most enjoy?

    • A. Disney and Pixar
    • B. Star Wars
    • C. Marvel
    • D. National Geographic
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    What is your favorite activity to do in your free time?

    • A. Spend time outdoors
    • B. Visit local attractions
    • C. Movies
    • D. Spend time with family
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    What is the most important of these to you?

    • A. Fame
    • B. Money
    • C. Freedom
    • D. Home
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    What is your biggest personality flaw?

    • A. Impatient
    • B. Bad financial decisions
    • C. Too Loud
    • D. Self-absorbed
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    What are you most likely to splurge your money on?

    • A. A beautiful dress
    • B. Vacation
    • C. House
    • D. Car
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    If you could live in one of these fictional places, where would you choose?

    • A. Batuu
    • B. Cherry Tree Lane
    • C. Mickey’s Toontown
    • D. Arendelle
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    How many best friends would you say you have?

    • A. One
    • B. Two
    • C. Three
    • D. Four or more
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    How many times a month do you go to the movies?

    • A. Once
    • B. Twice
    • C. Three times
    • D. Four or more times

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